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Image of 'NOODLES' CAP
  • Image of 'NOODLES' CAP
  • Image of 'NOODLES' CAP
  • Image of 'NOODLES' CAP
  • Image of 'NOODLES' CAP

Another new version of one of our favourites.
Once Upon a time in Mancunia. The Noodles hat loosely takes name and inspiration from the classic epic Sergio Leone film about childhood friendship, life, love and the evolution into organised crime, Once Upon a Time in America and in particular the De Niro character. This classic flat cap is based on a 1930's style baker boy hat, but comes in a refined, slimmed down modern fit. Neckerchiefs, guns and criminality not included.

Coming in a Purple herringbone British Wool with lots and lots of lovely colourful marl, this will look smart with your expensive coats.

Three sizes available : 57, 59 and 61

How do you work your size out? Simple: Size '57' is 57cm in circumference and '59' is 59 cm in circumference.