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Image of WEIR ['N’OIL’]
  • Image of WEIR ['N’OIL’]
  • Image of WEIR ['N’OIL’]
  • Image of WEIR ['N’OIL’]

Released Tuesday 20th Feb, 7pm

Picking colours for these hats often sees us taking inspiration from the things we see, places we go, things we do and even the things we drink!

Amongst ourselves and our mates, we've drank that much of Beavertown's Neck Oil (4.3%) until we've literally pissed ourselves, it's a go to beer every week, in both pints and cans. Again, that artwork and those nice colours would make a great colour combo for a hat.

One size fits all. Limited numbers as always. Strictly one per customer. Subject to availability, whilst stocks last. Fastest fingers first!